Let Ecuador be your Spanish classroom.
The perfect balance of learning, fun, culture, trips and volunteering

Inspired By Excellence, Innovation & Our Passion of Teaching Spanish


The superb quality of services that Simon Bolivar Spanish School offers is due to the professional and extensive experience of its teachers and the administration staff. We offer a range of learning Spanish opportunities to best meet your needs.

Whether you are a complete beginner or just need to brush up on your Spanish; if you are from the US, Europe or elsewhere; if you want to learn the language for touring, business or before doing volunteer work; need your studies officially credited for universities back home; whether old or young … Whatever your needs, interests or background, we are able to help you.

25 years of experience validate our work and compromise!





Simon Bolivar Spanish School is devoted to excellence in teaching and learning the Spanish language. Our compromise is to help you suit your personal teaching needs and to show you the Ecuadorian culture through Spanish teaching.

  • Authentic experiences
  • Quality teaching

  • 10 Destinations in Ecuador

  • Accredited Educational Organization

  • 25 years of proven experience

  • Top facilities in the best locations

  • Personalized teaching methodology

  • Fully customize the language immersion programs

  • Total immersion in an international community

  • We love what we do

It all adds up to a complete and personalized service that will exceed your expectations.


The mission of Simon Bolivar Spanish School is to promote to the international community the outstanding natural and cultural diversity of Ecuador through teaching Spanish.
In our school, the student becomes the main character in the learning process through innovative teaching methods, techniques, didactic materials and activities that are adapted to suit individual needs. We intentionally placed our teaching centers in well-known tourism locations. The cities of Quito and Cuenca represent the Andes Region and have permanent schools with the largest staff.

Bringing a complete spanish language learning experience by combining knowledge, professionalism, classroom activities, out-of-school enriching visits, hands-on training, and much fun.

Simon Bolivar Spanish School promotes a complete cultural immersion program in which you will embrace a deeper understanding of a very different culture and benefit from the diversity of others’ cultural backgrounds including its language. Even if you spend just a couple of days in an immersion program, you will gain a lot if you are open to actively participate. Enjoy exploring, asking, joining activities, making friends, sharing. 

This is what you will experience at Simon Bolivar Spanish School: a style of teaching that will accommodate your personal needs and expectations, contextualized within our philosophy and our passion for teaching the Spanish language.

Simon Bolivar Spanish School in Quito is ideally located in the famous La Mariscal Area, which is by far the most popular place for visitors and boasts a great selection of restaurants, internet cafes, craft markets, bars, hostels, hotels, travel agencies and cultural events. Plaza Foch, the center of La Mariscal, is just 3 blocks far from the school. The importance of social interaction, the variety of activities for learning and the well-being of our students is never overlooked. Our 3-story house has many private rooms with bathrooms where you can be very comfortable while studying. We also have two kitchens available, one is the cafeteria and the bigger one is used for cooking and cocktail lessons. The school offers free coffee and fresh baked bread – you can enjoy them while sharing time with other students in our patio – We also have a computer room with free Internet access (plus WiFi) and an area for dancing lessons.
Variety is where the fun is. Our staff is trained to teach the Spanish language to anyone who has the desire to learn. No matter the reasons, Simon Bolivar fits every need you may have in order to learn or improve your Spanish: Personal motivation, to travel, to learn about the culture, for your profession or career, to communicate with your friends and Spanish-speaking customers, to improve your resume, to complete your credits in college, to get more from your volunteer projects, to pass the DELE exam, to improve a specific skills such as conversing, grammar, writing or listing, to focus in topics of medicine, literature, biology, history… there are an infinite number of reasons, our spanish classes are adapted to any of your needs and at the best and most competitive prices!

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