Manabi Province

The province of Manabí is located on the northwest coast of Ecuador. It is privileged with 350 Km of beach, from Ayampe (south) to Pedernales (north) with geography full of cliffs, estuaries, small islands, rocks, etc; and beautiful views along the coastline. As well as enjoying the sun, one can do many activities such as aquatic sports, paragliding, hiking, and delight in its exquisite and varied gastronomy.

The capital is Portoviejo, but main tourist attractions are located in Manta, Crucita, Canoa, San Jacinto, San Vicente, Puerto Lopez, among others including San Clemente in the center of Manabí, where Palmazul Hotel is located.

This area maintains a diversity of eco-systems: mountainous forests, mangrove swamps, rivers and wetlands. Close by one can find an archeological site which is just recently being studied, as well as being situated in the center of the Manta–Bahia inlet with extensive beaches and stair like slopes influenced by the warm El Niño Current, with warm and agreeable water while the cold, Humboldt current crosses it at many kilometers distance, favoring the zone with fresh and abundant fishing.

South of the province, Machalilla National Park can be found. Being the only coastal park in Ecuador it extends to over 60,000 hectares, including several islands, such as Isla Salango, Isla de la Plata and Los Frailes and onshore cloud and tropical dry forests, all with a great abundance of flora and fauna.

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