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Climate: The Amazon region normally has a warm, humid and rainy climate. The average temperature varies from 23 to 26 oC (72 to 80 F). The drier season is generally November to February but varies by region. What to bring: Repellent, protection for the sun and rain coat.

Vaccination: It is not necessary to have vaccinations.

Bus vs. flying: The bus ride is an overnight ride and takes 10 hours to get from Quito to Coca. Flying is much more expensive but the flight takes only 45 minutes. Most students travel by bus.

Money: There is not much to spend money on, except for the drinks and local crafts.

La Selva Amazon Program:

What you can expect to see of wildlife: La Selva Lodge Program allows you to visit the most biologically diverse primary forest on earth with the opportunity to see a vast array of wildlife. Moreover, La Selva owns a Butterfly Farm for breeding and observation, the only one in the world located in a primary rainforest.

Food: We take tremendous pride in the food we serve at La Selva Amazon Ecolodge. Our gourmet chef uses local ingredients from our very own organic garden, offering ingredients and dishes native to the region. Breakfast is accompanied by fresh tropical fruit juice. For all food and drinks, we use purified bottled water brought directly from Quito. La Selva Amazon Ecolodge can serve Vegetarian meals and can cater to special diets upon request.

About our cabins: The cabanas are of native and mixed design and are built with the same material that native people in the region use for their housing. The cabanas are comfortable, spacious, and equipped with mosquito nets and private bathrooms. There are eight cabins that have a capacity for between 1-4 people. There are eight new suites with king size beds; four new suites with double beds; two scenic suits with king size beds; and one scenic suite with a double bed. All rooms have ceiling fans.

Clothing: You will be given a rain poncho upon arrival to Coca while traveling aboard our boat down the Napo River. Please keep in mind that these ponchos are not for you to keep. If you are interested in purchasing a rain poncho during your stay you can find ponchos at the lodge.

Rubber boots are very good for hiking in the rainforest, they help protect feet from plants and insects close to the ground as well as deep water. The lodge offers use of boots as a courtesy to our guests, available from size 5 to size 12.

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