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About the Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is the worlds largest and densest rain forest with more diverse plants and animals than any other jungle in the world.

The Ecuadorian part is particularly beautiful and some of the disadvantages of other parts of Amazonia, such as not being able to swim in the water, are not applicable here. The Amazon's river, lakes, streams and marshlands support over 600 species of fish and more than 250 species of amphibians and reptiles.

Over 100 species of trees have been discovered per acre and if you are lucky you may see typical South American mammals including armadillos, honey bears, sloths, tapirs, many different types of monkeys, boars, ocelots (jaguars), and in the lagoons you may see manatees and caymans. Our lodges are located deep into the jungle and due to this the chance of seeing these animals is greater than on most other lodges throughout the Amazon jungle.

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