Simon Bolivar School Facilities

Simon Bolivar School in Quito is ideally located in the famous La Mariscal Area, which is by far the most popular place for visitors and boasts a great selection of restaurants, internet cafes, craft markets, bars, hostels, hotels, travel agencies and cultural events. Plaza Foch, the center of La Mariscal, is just 3 blocks far from the school.

The importance of social interaction, the variety of activities for learning and the well-being of our students is never overlooked.

Our 3-story house has many private rooms with bathrooms where you can be very comfortable while studying. We also have two kitchens available, one is the cafeteria and the bigger one is used for cooking and cocktail lessons.

The school offers free coffee and fresh baked bread – you can enjoy them while sharing time with other students in our patio – We also have a computer room with free Internet access (plus WiFi) and an area for dancing lessons.

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