Individual Spanish Lessons

1-on-1 is our most popular class type.

Most of our students are solo travelers, with different levels, goals, needs, and lengths of stay. With personalized Spanish lessons you receive 100% of the teacher’s attention. Your classes are adapted to suit your individual needs and learning style. We always recommend 4 hours of instruction per day, though we can help you organize your course according to your free time.

Many students worry about individual lessons thinking they won’t be able to meet other students or they might get bored in class, but nothing is further from the truth! You will have many opportunities to make friends at school during breaks and during the free daily cultural activities. And you will be surprised at how much fun you can have while learning Spanish with your teacher.

We guarantee that you will be able to speak quite fluent Spanish after 4 or 6 weeks of regular study. Classes can start on any weekday, always preferably on a Monday. Choose from the morning session, from 08:30 to 12:30, and the afternoon session, from 13:00 to 17:00. Each 4-hour study block includes a 30-minute break.

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Individual Spanish Lessons

Details Descriptions
Duration Student choice
Course Start Any time of the year
Hours of instruction Minimum 2 hours daily
Class duration 55 minutes
Days Monday to Friday
Session Hours Available Morning Session: 08h30 to 12h30
| Afternoon Session: 13h00 to 17h00
Activities Included Our school offers lots of activities like sports, soccer games, salsa lessons, cooking lessons and many others
Cities Available All Destinations
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Learning Spanish is better in couples

Perfect for traveling partners of similar levels, in this class modality the teacher will adapt the course to both students’ expectations.

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Learn Spanish with your friends or family

This type of course is amazing for complete beginners students (max 6 per class). The course takes around 4 weeks.

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Learn Spanish at home with proven methods

Same methods, teachers and service of the live individual lessons but in our digital online Spanish classes platform.

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Get prepared for the Spanish certification

We have all necessary material and experience to guarantee you will have an excellent grade in your SIELE or DELE Exam.

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