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Welcome to Quito, a colonial city in Los Andes

Learning Spanish at Simon Bolivar Spanish School in Quito will be an experience you will never forget. Quito is the modern metropolitan capital of Ecuador with a rich colonial and Andean history. Quito’s historic charm and expert teachers create a learning environment that simply cannot be replicated. 

Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, was declared the first Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978. It is located about 15 miles (25 km) south of the equator.

Our capital is a mix of modern and historical sites; the Old Town is the most visited for its colonial past. Nestled between mountains it is a place where you will find a fantastic combination cultural and historic attractions, charming streets and plazas, historical monuments, and parks; that along with the warmth of its people and hundreds of locations to travel around, make visiting Quito a breathtaking experience.

Courses offered in Quito:

  • Language & Culture Package
  • Individual Spanish Lessons
  • Small Group Spanish Lessons
  • 2 Students with 1 Teacher
  • SIELE and DELE Preparation
The schoolhouse in Quito is located just 3 blocks from the center of the La Mariscal district, home to the famous Plaza Foch, making it calm enough to study but close to all you could need!

At Simon Bolivar Spanish School, the student becomes the main character in the learning process through innovative teaching methods, techniques, didactic materials and activities that are adapted to suit individual needs. We intentionally placed our teaching centers in well-known tourism locations.

We offer 3 very good options:

Homestay in Quito

Our families are carefully selected and all have experience with receiving foreign students at their homes.

Many students choose to live with a host family since it’s a very enriching experience. What could be better than sharing with your Ecuadorian home and practicing your Spanish, while tasting local food and learning local traditions? Living standards are middle to upper-middle class, and all families are located within walking distance from the school.
Accommodation includes:
  • An excellent atmosphere that makes you feel welcome from the very first minute
  • Two or three meals per day with the family
  • Dedicated room*
  • Laundry once per week
  • Filtered, bottled, or boiled water always available
  • Extra blankets if desired
  • Linen and towel change once per week
  • All homes have Internet access and/or WiFi
*Private bedroom and bathroom upon request (depends on availability)

Shared Apartments in Quito

Our shared apartments let you make new international friendship that will last a lifetime and give you roommates to practice your new Spanish skills.
The apartments are located in a quiet area in the middle of the entertainment district “La Mariscal”. This is within walking distance to the Spanish School. Bed linen change and cleaning are free. The apartments can be rented based on your length of stay in Quito.

Hostels & Hotels in Quito

Quito, and especially the area surrounding our school, offers a wide variety of Hostels. We can recommend 3 different options from budget to first class, and we will help you with your reservations.
Our top recommendation is the Hotel Andino because it is very close to the School, just a 3-minute walk away! Here, your stay includes an American breakfast, WiFi service, free storage, cable tv, desk. kitchen facilities, safety deposit box.


Enjoy a wide range of daily cultural activities to enhance your Spanish learning in the classroom.

Weekday activities are included for every student, regardless of how many hours you study. On the weekends you can hop onto a group trip organized by the school staff taking you to some of Ecuador’s most famous locations. 

Weekday Cultural Activities in Quito

From Monday-Thursday at 17h00 we invite you to join us in experiencing the best of Ecuador’s unique culture firsthand. Activities rotate based on availability and student interest, but often include:

  • Salsa Lessons: Learn some new dance steps to show off back home! Music and dancing, particularly salsa and merengue, are the essence of the Latino culture. Great for beginners!
  • History, Literature & Culture Lessons: It always makes a trip more interesting if you know some about the background of the country you are visiting. Different topics about Ecuador are presented: National Parks, idiomatic expressions, Shamanism, economy and politics, biographies of famous authors and artists, among others.
  • Cooking lessons: Learn to cook the Ecuadorian way! It all begins with finding the perfect ingredients to prepare each dish. Students are always involved in the entire process, from going to the market to find the ingredients to tasting and enjoying what has been prepared.
  • Cocktail lessons: ¡Salud! Come learn how to recreate your favorite Latin cocktails during a friendly and fun happy hour! This cool cocktail mixing class gives participants a basic knowledge of ingredients, equipment used for mixing them and an introduction to the liquors as well.
  • Soccer games: In Ecuador, we’re suckers for SOCCER!! Ecuador is soccer-crazy and it can be said that soccer, popularly known as “futbol”, is the national sport of Ecuador. Once a month, the teachers organize a Teachers vs. Students soccer game.
  • Latin Movie Night: Learn while relaxing. A great way for you to learn more about the Spanish Language and the Latin cultures is through being able to hear the accents, slang, pronunciation, and sayings. We turn on the subtitles too so that everyone can join in.
  • And more!

Weekend Trips from Quito

You can have the opportunity to participate in weekend excursions out of Quito; depending on the weekend these can either be a day-trip or last two days (Sat.-Sun.) We will guide you to the best options. 

  • Iliniza Mountains: Enjoy the beauty of the Iliniza Mountains, by going mountain biking at a height of 5,126 meters (16,817 feet).
  • Baños: Go rafting or horseback riding in Baños, near the active Tungurahua Volcano. You can finish the day soaking in some of Ecuador’s famous volcanic hot pools, like a local. 
  • Quilatoa: Visit an authentic indigenous village located on the high-altitude rim of a volcano. You can hike the 10 km rim trail with uninterrupted views for hundreds of kilometers. Finish your day with a hot cup of homemade “Canelazo”.
  • And there’s more! Camping in Pasochoa; Dive off the top of a waterfall in Pita; Relax in thermal hot-springs in Papallacta; Or have fun learning about the Ecuadorean culture by attending the local and national “fiestas”.


Simon Bolivar School in Quito is ideally located in the famous La Mariscal Area, which is by far the most popular place for visitors and boasts a great selection of restaurants, internet cafes, craft markets, bars, hostels, hotels, travel agencies, and cultural events. 

Plaza Foch, the center of La Mariscal, is just 3 blocks far from the school. The importance of social interaction, the variety of activities for learning and the well-being of our students is never overlooked. Our 3-story house has many private rooms with bathrooms where you can be very comfortable while studying. 

We also have two kitchens available, one in the cafeteria and the bigger one is used for cooking and cocktail lessons. The school offers free coffee and freshly baked bread – you can enjoy them while sharing time with other students in our patio – We also have a computer room with free Internet access (plus WiFi) and an area for dancing lessons.

About Quito

  • Name: San Francisco de Quito

  • Nickname(s): Luz de América (Light of America), Carita de Dios (God’s Face), Ciudad de los Cielos (City of the Heavens)

  • Foundation: December 6, 1534

  • Urban parishes: 32 urban parishes

  • Elevation: 2,850 m (9,350 ft)

  • Time zone: UTC−5 (ECT)

  • Weather: min 10°C max 22°C

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Spanish in Quito: Courses & Programs Available

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Learn Spanish the way you need to

Personalized and tailored lessons to achieve your language goals are the best method for learning Spanish during your time Ecuador.

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Learning Spanish is better in couples

Perfect for traveling partners of similar levels, in this class modality the teacher will adapt the course to both students’ expectations.

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Learn Spanish with your friends or family

This type of course is amazing for complete beginners students (max 6 per class). The course takes around 4 weeks.

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Learn Spanish at home with proven methods

Same methods, teachers and service of the live individual lessons but in our digital online Spanish classes platform.

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SIELE & DELE Preparation

Get prepared for the Spanish certification

We have all necessary material and experience to guarantee you will have an excellent grade in your SIELE or DELE Exam.

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