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Welcome to our Spanish school in the Pacific Coast! Enjoy the beach and the sun while you learn Spanish.

1-week Spanish courses at Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel & Spa. This program combines Spanish lessons with various options for relaxing.

Simon Bolivar Spanish School – The best Spanish program at the Coast!

Palmazul: The best Artisan Designed Hotel & Spa where a sun-kissed shoreline awaits you right outside your window. Located on one of the wonderful beaches of the Manabí Province, we offer either group or individual Spanish lessons combined with guided trips, sun, and fun!

The resort is located in San Clemente, right in front of the beach. During free time, students may visit many amazing beaches not far from the resort or just indulge themselves with the various services offered at the Hotel. Local culture inspires unique experiences rarely found in travel guides. Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel & Spa welcomes you with beautiful gardens, Arena Spa and a blend of distinctive architecture that blends seamlessly with nature.

The best Spanish experience at the Coast: One-week course at the best Artisan Designed Hotel & Spa: Palmazul, where a sun-kissed shoreline awaits right outside your window. Located in one of the wonderful beaches of Manabi Province, we can offer you either group or individual Spanish lessons combined with guided trips, sun and fun!

Day Activities
Sunday Leave Quito at night (by bus) to arrive to San Clemente (Palmazul) on Monday morning
Monday Morning: relax at the beach and enjoy installations Afternoon: Spanish lessons
Tuesday Morning: Hike to Cerro Verde Afternoon: Spanish lessons
Wednesday Morning: Half-day tour to Isla Corazon Afternoon: Spanish lessons
Thursday Morning: Spanish lessons Afternoon: Optional tours to nearby beaches
Friday Morning: Spanish lessons Afternoon: relax at the beach and enjoy installations Night: Return to Quito

The construction of the Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel and Spa was finished in December 2007; the same that was built on one of the most beautiful, yet abandoned beaches in Ecuador to offer a service that was non-existent in that area: a first class hotel that would attract tourists to San Clemente.

The hotel is built from concrete with wooden picture windows and glass the color of sand, along with Spanish brick. The rooms are decorated not only with Ecuadorian Artisans products of but also with a sumptuous view of the sea; as well as having a mini-bar, balcony, elegant faucets, and amenities from L´Occitane.

The hotel also boasts of a excellent restaurant called the Cocomar, as well as the Arena Spa, bar, semi-Olympic pool, hammocks, lagoon with fish and ducks, tennis courts, and exit directly to the beach. A whole paradise to enjoy while you learn Spanish!

Following our company´s principals of social responsibility, the Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel and Spa has benefited the community by employing 13 residents and training them to offer a international quality service always maintaining the warmth characteristic of Ecuadorians.

You can visit the Palmazul Web site here:

Cerro Verde

30 minutes from Palmazul one can find a marvelous site with Coconut, Banana, Lemon, Pepper, Papaya, Lime, etc… plantations as well as a small museum where one can find a Pumice Stone used for distilling water, Spondylus Shells, Shark jaws, along with other curiosities of that region. One can also enjoy the beautiful handicrafts made by the aborigines and observe petrified maize.
Isla Corazón

Isla Corazón (“Heart Island”) is located in the Chone River estuary, just 20 minutes away from Bahia de Caraquez. A 50-hectare island which’s shape resembles a Heart when seen from the air; is formed by mangrove swamps and has one of the biggest frigate colonies in the South American Pacific. Isla Corazon, now recognized as a National Wildlife Refuge and National Heritage Site, is managed by local fishermen of the Portovelo community, who offer canoe-led tours of the mangrove ecosystem.

A large ecologic path, interpretation center, bird photography exhibition, video room and small aquariums that show some native species, enable native guides to interpret the life of the mangrove swamp, its flora, crustaceans, mollusks, fish and other micro-organisms which live there and their interactions with artisan fishermen, as well as narrating oral stories and alluring legends such as the Island Gnome.

More than 50 bird species have been found on the island, as well as other species such as iguanas, boas and an ample variety of crustaceans, mollusks and curious insects. Flora includes Red, Black and white mangroves. Temperature has a median annual variation between 25° to 28°C. Lucky visitors will experience the beauty and mystery of the mangrove forest in one of the best-conserved eco-systems to be found in the coastal region of Ecuador.

About San Clemente, Manabí

  • Name: San Clemente

  • Flora and Fauna: Diversity of eco-systems: mountainous forests, mangrove swamps, rivers and wetlands.

  • Time zone: UTC−5 (ECT)

  • Weather: min 15°C max 30°C

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