About Simon Bolivar Spanish School

The superb quality of services that Simon Bolivar offers is due to the professional and extensive experience of its teachers and the administration staff.

Since its foundation in 1994, Simon Bolivar Spanish School has been the leader in the market, being one of the oldest and most successful Spanish schools in the region. Simon Bolivar works under European and Ecuadorian management, the same it's had since it was originally founded.

Over the years, we have built up a working team that enables us to offer the best Spanish learning experience that suits all our students' needs. The school is officially registered and authorized by the Ministry of Education.

Whether you are a complete beginner or just need to brush up on your Spanish; if you are from the US, Europe or elsewhere; if you want to learn the language for touring, business or before doing volunteer work; need your studies officially credited for universities back home; whether old or young … Whatever your needs, interests or background, we are able to help you.

Our dedicated staff and teachers help you feel right at home at our school from the very first day! There is always someone around to help you out in whatever you need - books, traveling, questions or to send an e-mail back home.

Together with our teachers, we form the Simon Bolivar Spanish School, offering excellent Spanish training at reasonable prices and in a friendly environment.


The School Administration:


Kjetil Haugan
Kjetil Haugan is the owner of Columbus Travel. He is a Norwegian citizen who has lived in Ecuador since 1994. Kjetil has a Graduate degree in Organization Development from England and an Undergraduate degree in Management from Norway. Kjetil has worked as Director of the Olympic Villages during the Lillehammer (Norway 1994) and the Atlanta (USA 1996) Olympic Games. He speaks Spanish, English and the Scandinavian languages fluently.

Luisa Cordova
Luisa has a degree in tourism and administration from UTE university in Quito. She is the Commercial Manager of Columbus Travel. She works for Columbus since 1997. Luisa speaks English and Spanish.

Academic Area

Sandra Quishpe
She’s our Academic Director; responsible for organizing students’ schedules, the weekly activities, as well as organizing and preparing the educational material for the students. Sandra also coordinates monthly meetings with the teachers in order to evaluate and be able to improve their capabilities. She loves to be in touch with students and be sure they are learning much Spanish and fulfilling their goals.

Read the letter from our Academic Director


Sofia Valdivieso
Administrative Director and Salesperson for all locations (Quito, Cuenca, Amazon and Coast). She will answer all new registrations and e-mails from prospective students, and will reply quickly to all queries. Sofia organizes your program, taking into account all your needs, level of Spanish, length of stay, type of accommodation, etc and will send useful information that you can't miss before your arrival. Don't' hesitate to tell her about all you are looking for!

Daniela Boada
She's our Student Coordinator and organizes Online lessons. Very friendly and out-going, loves to be in contact with students. She sends a Welcoming Package and tips for arriving students, and also receive payments and prepare the invoices. Daniela also gives information to clients that visit the school directly; always ready to hear about your expectations, goals, how you are doing in class and homestay, and help in any way possible.

Gabriela Diaz

Gabriela is a very nice lady who always has a smile on her face. She does a fantastic job of making the classrooms a relaxing and nice, clean place to study.


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