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Student Accommodations

We offer three distinct accommodation options to meet your needs in Ecuador



The perfect Ecuadorian family

Carefully selected families will encourage your Spanish learning experience and create an amazing Ecuadorian cultural immersion. All families have experience and specific training in receiving foreign students. We ensure their homes are safe and strategically located near the school.

Cost: $18-$21 per day


Quito, Cuenca, Otavalo, Galápagos


Shared Apartments

Amazing shared spaces

Share your Ecuadorean experience with a group of new friends that you’ll remember for life. The apartment is conveniently located in one of Quito’s cultural centers, Plaza Foch, and only a short walk from the school. This can be an ideal blend of independence and immersion.

Cost: $15 per day




Hotels & Hostels

Great beautiful accommodations

We have a network of partner Hotels and Hostels available for you. Whether you are looking to spend your off time in a luxury hotel room or in a quiet hostel away from the hustle of downtown, we can help you find your perfect place. After you Apply, we will help you find the right place.

Cost: Varies


Quito, Cuenca, Amazon, Coast and Galapagos

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