Other Fun Activities

Cocktail lessons:  ¡Salud!
Explore and learn the fine craft of mixing cocktails…

Ever dreamt of getting behind the bar and mixing drinks or savoring some of the finest liquors? This time the bartender is...you! Come learn how to recreate your favorite Latin cocktails during a friendly and fun happy hour! Learn how to prepare cocktails that will look and taste delicious! This cool cocktail mixing class gives participants a basic knowledge of ingredients, equipment used for mixing them and an introduction to the liquors as well.

Soccer games
In Ecuador, we´re suckers for SOCCER!!

Join us in the Ecuadorian passion for soccer… Like most of Central and South America, Ecuador is soccer-crazy and it can be said that soccer, popularly known as "futbol", is the national sport of Ecuador. Once a month, the teachers organize a Teachers vs. Students soccer game. Everyone enjoys being able to relax, hang out, and bond thru playing this internationally loved sport.

Latin Movie Night
Learn while relaxing…

A great way for students to learn more about the Spanish Language and about the Latin cultures is through being able to hear the accents, slang, pronunciation and sayings used in the country the film is from.

We pop popcorn (canguil) and turn on the subtitles, so that as well as hearing the Spanish Language, if students haven´t heard or don´t know a word, they are able to read the subtitles in English to understand what is being said.

It is a great way for students to learn, while relaxing.

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