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Just for Individual Lessons

  • Minimum 1 hour, maximum 8 hours per day
  • You can choose the schedule, from 8:30am until 5:00pm
  • The hour of lesson is of 55 minutes
  • First 4 hours: Placement test, daily class presentation, general grammar according Spanish Level.
  • Coffee break of 20 minutes; time to relax, have some coffee, fresh bread and enjoy meeting other Spanish Students.
  • Next 4 hours class: Grammar exercises, conversational practice, final daily evaluation, hand out homework and participation certificate.

  • Topics by Level:

    Beginner A1.1 A1.2 A2.1:

  • Vocabulary of survival
  • Verb to be (Verbo Ser y Estar)
  • Be able to communicate in present, past and future.
  • Be able to command imperative and pronouns.
  • Intermediate A2.2 B1.1 B1.2:

  • All past tenses.
  • Conditional mode
  • Beginnings of the subjunctive.
  • Indirect Speech
  • Non-personal verbs forms
  • Advanced B1.3 B2.1 B2.2 C1 C2:

  • Subjunctive.
  • indirect style,
  • non-personal verb forms,
  • Perfection of all subjects.
  • Deep study of different topics of grammar and compositions.

  • Location: Simon Bolivar Spanish School Quito-Ecuador.
    Address: Mariscal Foch E9-20 y Andres Xaura.

    Daily Cost: $ 72.00

    Spanish classes are offered, all year round, ask us about available spaces!

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